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health-is-the-goal asked: I'm looking for a story I read a while ago and haven't been able to find again. Draco and Blaise are best friends, Blaise is gorgeous so everytime Draco likes a girl he arranges for her to meet Blaise to see if she's really interested in him or if she starts to hit on Blaise. I think he calls it 'the Blaise test' or something. They're at a cafe and Draco bumps into Hermione who accidentally spills hot coffee on him and then helps him because she's a healer/doctor. I think it's just 1-2 chapters


I’m certain that I know this one but the title escapes me….anyone?

- Mandy

Edit: Thanks, ohmydracos!

The Zabini Test By: luckintheair04 

Did I really want to stop finding out if the girl I was dating reliable or not? All those morons I had tried, had flounced off to Blaise with just one glance. So we devised a plan. I meet a girl; plan a date at the muggle café where Blaise will “coincidently” pass by. I introduce him to the girl and watch how she deals with Blaise’s ‘irresistible’ charm. That was the Zabini Test.

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